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Re: A SECRET blueprint for US global domination
by robinson
29 April 2003 19:50 UTC
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Building on the ideas expressed by Prof. Eduard Prugovecki, I would like to add 
that the analysis  of PNAC main document (2000) and the Statement of 
Principles (1997), plus an article by Thomas Donnelly (main author of the 
PNAC 2000 report) that will appear next week in the American Enterprise 
Institute, appears as dramatically necessary because they are a sequence of 
texts reflecting the American neoconservative point of view which is now well 
entrenched in the Pentagon. This week, The Economist (London), publish an 
article ("The Shadow Men") describing the following

"...The second generation forms a clique intellectually and socially, but not 
politically. Most come from similar backgrounds, whether professors (like Mr 
Wolfowitz and Steve Cambone, also at the Pentagon) or lawyers (like Doug 
Feith, the Pentagon's number three, Scooter Libby, Mr Cheney's chief of staff, 
and the State Department's John Bolton). They join the same think-tanks, such 
as the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) where Richard Perle, perhaps their 
most flamboyant spokesman, is a fellow. They write for and read the same 
magazine, the Weekly Standard, edited by Bill Kristol, son of one of the neo-
cons' founders. They co-author the same studies (five of the 27 authors of 
“Rebuilding America's Defences”, a highly influential report published in 2000, 
are in the administration). They are, in short, Washington talkers and 
Then, if we are going to do something to fight against the domination of the 
whole world by US imperialism, I think we could analise all the mentioned 
texts(all the texts are available at www.rrojasdatabank.org/dev0015.htm).
Just as a crazy idea: what about creating a counter project, something like
"Project for the First People's Century"? I visualize this counter project 
having a 
website where to gather papers and articles analysing and exploring ways of 
gathering public opinion to block the US imperialist project. I could offer to 
that project in RRojas Databank website. Another piece of "thinking aloud":
the US imperialist dream of the American ruling elites in the 21st century have 
been the nightmare of the people in Latin America during the 20th century (I am 
Chilean, by the way)...
Dr. Robinson Rojas (University of London, London South Bank University)
Co-director RRojas Databank (www.rrojasdatabank.org) and
Puro Chile. The Memory of the People (www.purochile.org)

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