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Re: Anglo-German competition for Zionist support in WWI
by Dr. Bruce R. McFarling
26 October 2002 07:02 UTC
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At 12:12 AM 23/10/02 -0400, you wrote:
>On the subject John Leonard originally inquired about:  I don't have David 
>Lloyd George's autobiography, but that quote looks a lot like stuff in Tom 
>Segev's "One Palestine Complete".  He argues that the British supported the 
>Zionists because they feared Jewish power.  The Israeli journalist Israel 
>Shamir, whose maybe a little nuts, argues that they in fact had reason to fear 
>the financial power of Jewish elites.  He claims that the British, Russians, 
>and eventually Americans all sought to get world jewry on their side, with 
>disastrous results each time.  I was looking for the article where he makes 
>this argument on his website, but unfortunately all his articles have poetic 
>names, so its difficult to figure out what is about what.  Poke around at:  

The article you are referring to seems to be "Prince Charming".

Though just reading all of them until you stumble across it 
is a strategy that has its own rewards.  There is some 
repetition, some vitriole, but good dashings of good humour 
and a ongoing drumbeat of refusing to take third hand 
conventional wisdom in lieu of information at the ground. 
For about three days now, my favourite one has been the last 
one I've read, so at the moment my favourite is


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