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Hamas and all that
by Malcolm Pratt
08 April 2002 17:03 UTC
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Dear All,
I am not sure if anyone viewed the  `Christian's for Israel' website which 
Jonathan's Davies took his `Hamas report' but you will find It very 
interesting.  The site, as he presumable knows,  carries the work of authors 
who believe in a very fundamentlist Zionist standpoint.  Indeed articles 
advocate the killing of Yasser Arafat , (likening him to Hitler and 
Goebbels),  believe the PLO/PA are terrorists and refute the existance of 
anybody called Palestinians or there right to a State believing that they 
are Arabs who migrated there or there abouts post 1948.  Some authors also 
believe that Israel should keep any land taken in 1967 as it was given to 
Israeli's by God and Jeruslam should be site of a new temple [least I think 
that is what they mean] and the home of the US embassy too.  Muslims are 
characterised in an extremely hostile way as are , the UN, and , rather 
oddly CNN.  The general drift is that Israel should destroy any opposition 
and ultimately expel the arab population who are liars and terrorists.

It is therefore in Jonathan's eyes wrong and ilegal for someone to forward 
an email from Hamas,  but perfectly okay to use research that is taken from 
the Web site of an extremist organisation with often racist views which 
advocates the murder and shall we call it Transfer of Palestinians Arabs. 
Double Standards perhaps?

Ariel Sharon, a Terrorist?  I believe that  he was found guilty by an 
Israeli commision of enquiry as being "personally responsble" for the 
masacres at Sabra and Chatila refugee camps and he has also been indited as 
a War criminal in Belgium.

Best wishes


>Dear Seyed,
>Hamas are a terrorist organisation. Why are you propagating their murderous 
>message? Who does this address -  "slay them wherever ye catch them, and 
>turn them out from where they have turned you out;"? Please be specific.
>I might remind you that Hamas is one of the groups banned by the UK 
>Terrorism Act 2000. You may be risking prosecution under Section 12  of the 
>Act by propagating this call to arms by a proscribed terrorist 
>  - The Hamas Charter
>  Jonathan
>   -

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