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Re: Hamas and all that
by Jonathan Davis
08 April 2002 17:52 UTC
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From: "Malcolm Pratt" <malcolm_pratt@hotmail.com>
To: <wsn@csf.colorado.edu>
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 5:03 PM
Subject: Hamas and all that

> Dear All,
> I am not sure if anyone viewed the  `Christian's for Israel' website which
> Jonathan's Davies took his `Hamas report' but you will find It very
> interesting.  The site, as he presumable knows,  carries the work of
> who believe in a very fundamentlist Zionist standpoint.

I know nothing about the site. I did a search for 'Hamas Charter' - a well
know document - and it came up.

> Indeed articles
> advocate the killing of Yasser Arafat , (likening him to Hitler and
> Goebbels),  believe the PLO/PA are terrorists and refute the existance of
> anybody called Palestinians or there right to a State believing that they
> are Arabs who migrated there or there abouts post 1948.

Nothing to do with me - I was simply pointing out the murderous and extreme
nature of Hamas. The same document is well known and available from a
variety of sources including  http://www.mideastweb.org/hamas.htm  and

See: http://www.google.com/search?q=hamas+charter

>Some authors also
> believe that Israel should keep any land taken in 1967 as it was given to
> Israeli's by God and Jeruslam should be site of a new temple [least I
> that is what they mean] and the home of the US embassy too.  Muslims are
> characterised in an extremely hostile way as are , the UN, and , rather
> oddly CNN.  The general drift is that Israel should destroy any opposition
> and ultimately expel the arab population who are liars and terrorists.

Whatever. What do you make of *my* comments on Hamas?

> It is therefore in Jonathan's eyes wrong and illegal for someone to
> an email from Hamas,

Incorrect. I believe it is wrong to forward e-mails from known terrorists
calling for more terror. As for legality, I simply pointed out that such an
action may be illegal in the UK under the Terrorism Act 2000. The original
e-mailer is based in the UK.

>but perfectly okay to use research that is taken from
> the Web site of an extremist organisation with often racist views which
> advocates the murder and shall we call it Transfer of Palestinians Arabs.
> Double Standards perhaps?

You appear to be saying that the messenger is the message? Surly some

As I have pointed out above, the Hamas Charter was all I was presenting - I
know nothing about the rest of the site that particular copy resides on. The
content of the site - except for the Hamas Charter -  is irrelevant to my

Alternative - red herring resistant - versions are available elsewhere. See

> Ariel Sharon, a Terrorist?  I believe that  he was found guilty by an
> Israeli commision of enquiry as being "personally responsble" for the
> masacres at Sabra and Chatila refugee camps

Lebanese militiamen carried out the massacres, not Sharon or even the IDF.
It is a very weak chain of responsibility that links Sharon to those

But who cares about Sharon? Not me. We were discussing real blood and burned
flesh terrorists - Hamas. What are your thought on them?

>and he has also been indited as
> a War criminal in Belgium.

So what?



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