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Re: Reply to Adam Starr about "activist demonstrations"
by Sabri Oncu
19 March 2002 02:45 UTC
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Adam writes:

> As pointed out by AGF yesterday, I don't want to be
> looking at pictures of fallen comrades thirty years
> from now. I'd like for us all to live through such
> mobilization. Maybe I'm far too Canadian, but I have
> no desire to pick up a stone, stick, or a gun for that
> matter to fight for what I believe in. If I do that,
> then I'm no better than my percieved adversary.


I think you are far too Canadian, which is not a bad thing, by
the way. To me, it is okay not to have any desire top pick up a
stone or gun and I have no such desire either. On the other hand,
elsewhere in the world, it may be necessary to pick up a stone,
stick or a gun, and I don't think this would make those who pick
up a stone or a gun worse than their adversary.

Whatever, it takes!

I have not been paying much attention to WSN lately but I would
say, interesting discussions, very interesting!..

I guess this is how sociologists discuss things. I like it
though: I improve my vocabulary a lot.


P.S: Charles Reid, please don't start that class thing again.

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