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Closed System
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17 March 2002 01:27 UTC
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I would like to make a definition of  'Closed System' based on natural sciences.
A closed system is  a system which has no input comes from outside world, it only takes its own outputs
as its input.
Any kind of outside effect harms its name.
Also, a closed system means not it is stable. It may end up in a short time like a chemical reaction in a glass of water
or sustain very long time...It may be stable or not.....
Legal system is not a closed system according to this definition.
There are many effect on it, like governments.
Indeed, it not required to bring this issue to this point.
Legal system is the on of the vital component of the capitalism or any world system.
It has organic and so very dynamic relations with other components. Also no need to count other components.
Every country has different rules, different criteria.
Are there any universal criteria on law? For example rights of people.
We can just hope and try to reach a better position for them. Up to where and from where? Reference point is the
present situation.
This a very old debate but what is important is they are decided according to the conditions of the current system.
In current situation, you can talk about rights of ethnic groups. But if it not capitalist system, and no problem
this would not be a matter of discussion.
More extreme example from Turkey: In 1980s, the existence of a Kurdish population in Turkey is not a matter of thought.
Because government and a lot of people was believing there was not such a population. So, Kurdish people started
to their struggle.
Today people are talking about legality of Kurdish broadcasting from national TV channels. Rules was changed.
USA sold weapons to Turkish government during 20 years for this war.
And just a few weeks ago, in a human rights report published by USA, they are talking about inhuman policies against
Kurdish people.
What happened? New scientific foundations changed reality?
Legal system adjust itself according to the 'trues' or "wrongs" of science?
Legal system adjusts itself according to the 'suitables' of the "ideology", as Althusser said.
Also Althusser says Legal is produced directly from moral ideology, which is in contact with religion.
So any struggle on  Legal System exceeds it. This another debate.
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