IROWS-ISA Workshop: Systemic Boundaries

March 5, 2016

Papers and Abstracts of the Workshop

Presenter Paper Title Abstract
Eugene N. Anderson Afroeurasian Systemic Connections View
Gullermo Algaze The Old and New Perspectives on the Mesopotamian World System of the Uruk Period View
Philippe Beaujard World-system cycles since 1000 BC. Temporal boundaries and factors affecting the pulse of the system View
Frances Berdan Late Postclassic Mesoamerican Trade Networks and Imperial Expansion View
Albert J. Bergesen Genotypic Foundations of World-Systemic Phenotypes View
Christopher Chase-Dunn
Hiroko Inoue
Teresa Ann Neal
High Bar Rules of Thumb for Time-Mapping Systemic Interaction Networks View
Sing C. Chew From the Nanhai to the Indian Ocean and Beyond: Southeast Asia in the Maritime ‘Silk’ Roads of the Eurasian World Economy 200 BC – AD500 View
Robert A. Denemark The Irish and the Vikings on the Edge of Central Civilization View
Mikael Fauvelle
and Erin Smith
The North American Continental System: A Perspective from the Western Periphery View
Jonathan Friedman Internal and external boundaries in the processes of expansion and contraction: the paradoxes of the "art of not being governed" View
Barry K. Gills From Peripheries to ”Peripheralization processes”: Re-conceptualizing social relations of “Zones of extraction” and “Centres of accumulation” in world system and global history View
Leonid Grinin
Systemic political and economic integration since the rise of cities View
Thomas D. Hall Bounding The Fuzzy Zone at the Edges of World-Systems View
Robert Hanneman
Hiroko Inoue
Christopher Chase-Dunn
Network Boundaries and System-ness View
Victoria Tin-bor Hui How Peaceful was Historical Asia? It Depends on How You Count States View
Ho-fung Hung Tribute-Trade System and Maritime Capitalism in Early Modern East Asia The Rise and Fall of Koxinga View
Hiroko Inoue East Asian Trade and Political-Military Networks: the role of pirates and merchants in the development the East Asian world-system View
Andrey Korotayev Ancient South Arabia’s systemic connections with Mesopotamia, Africa, South Asia and the Mediterranean Region View
Patrick Manning Africa and the Central System View
Ian Morris The Aegean and the Central System: trade and military interaction View
Teresa Neal The Indian Ocean System: military and trade systemic connectedness with the Central System, East Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia View
Peter Robertshaw The Archaeology of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Emergence of Interaction Networks View
Michael E. Smith Bounding empires and political/military networks with archaeological data View
William R. Thompson Incursions, Climate Change, and Early Globalization Patterns View
Peter Turchin Quantifying the Evolution of Social Complexity with Seshat: Global History Databank View
David Wilkinson When States-Systems Unite: Spatio-Temporal Boundary and Transition Issues in the Unification of the Central, Far Eastern and Indic States-Systems View


IROWS-ISA Workshop

Hosted by the Institute for Research on World-Systems at the University of California-Riverside

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