Globalization and European Integration
by Arno Tausch, 
Associate Visiting Professor, 
Innsbruck University, Austria.

Table of Contents:
Forward and Summary
List of abbreviations and concepts (functional terms)
List of Tables
List of Graphs
List of Maps
Foreword (1)
Foreword (2) and Executive Summary

 I Globalization, environmental decay and sexism in the capitalist world system
2) The theoretical framework: what can policy-makers know about ascent and decline in the world economy?
3) The international environment is basically unstable. A survey of the contemporary research methods for the study of changes in the world system since 1989
4) TNC dependence is causing long-term stagnation
The cross-national results about the effects of globalization

  1. The contradictions of the process of the global environmental destruction, to which Europe as one of the main regions of world industry and traffic, disproportionately contributes
Environmental disintegration
6) Gender discrimination and sexism in world capitalism
  1. Development or decay?
II The instability of the transformation process
8) The instability of the transformation process
The( in)validity of Huntington's culture conflict approach on a world level
The return of dictatorship? Towards understanding the process of ethno-political conflict and the world-wide refugee problem
Country risk analysis
Transnational crime as a global actor
III A Labor perspective on basic issues of European Integration
 9) A Labor Perspective on Basic Issues of European Integration
The eastward expansion of the European Union
A Polish regional case study
The Eastern part of Europe and the long Kondratieff wave: historical evidence
Transformation success or failure - the macroquantitative evidence
Europe must come to terms with the contradictions of the process of the aging of democracies, especially phenomena which one might term sclerosis bruxelliana and sclerosis Europea
The (in)efficiency of the European Union at the level of stable western democracies
Globalization, East European reconstruction and the fatal conceit of euro-centrism
Transnational integration and national disintegration - a 134 nation study and a further note on EU-enlargements
The Rotten Heart of Europe? A technical note on EMU and the rise of world-wide narco capitalism
IV Migration and globalization

 10) Migration and globalization


Samples and data
List of variables
The general model of world development, based on 123 nations
The models based on 134 countries
Development as a function of the Human Development Index
The instability model based on 99 countries
Corruption levels in 47 countries
The models based on 49 Polish voivodships
Excess mortality in the Polish provinces
The effect of years of European Union membership on developed stable democracies before Union enlargements 1981-95
European Union enlargement scenario
Kondratieff cycle data
TNC Penetration and Transformation Country Development
Effects of the European Union before and after the enlargements of 1981, 1986, 1995
Effects of the European Union after enlargements