ASA session on the world polity school

Thu, 13 Feb 1997 16:15:51 -0500
christopher chase-dunn (

I am organizing a panel for the PEWS section of the American Sociology
Association's annual meeting in Toronto August 9-13, 1997. The session
will focus on the "world polity" school of world-systems research,
especially the work of John W. Meyer and his colleagues. Immanuel
Wallerstein, Terry Boswell and Giovanni Arrighi will present commentary
on the world polity school.

The reason I am announcing this now is that those who plan to attend
this session may want to read a paper that describes the basic approach
under consideration. That paper will be coming out in the next issue of
the American Journal of Sociology. The title is "World Society and the
Nation-State" and the authors are John Meyer, John Boli, George Thomas
and Francisco Ramirez. An earlier version of this paper is also
available on the World-Systems Archive. The address is

or just go to the homepage of the World-Systems Archive at and choose the working papers
(gopher) subdirectory.