Re: Self-indulgence and WSN

Fri, 14 Feb 1997 11:15:17 +1100
Bruce R. McFarling (

I have picked up three useful references and one useful idea from
Foss' 'self-indulgent ramblings'. I use 'useful' in the sense of having
the potential to lead to publishable work. That makes about 25% of the
useful references and 50% of the useful ideas. Admittedly, that is a
biased indicator, since I've seen plenty of things with the reaction of
"that's interesting, I hope someone pursues it further". But if this is
an academic list in the sense of "for academic uses of academics", rather
than "for the idle amusement and self-satisfaction of academics", the
(clearly high-entropy) self-indulgent postings of Foss occasionally
provide a spatially aware perspective on world system issues.
To obtain a properly dignified world systems list only requires
people with the time, patience, and lack of better things to do to
moderate the list. And WSN is already asociated, via its archive site,
with an even better solution: a peer reviewed electronic journal.


Bruce R. McFarling, Newcastle, NSW