historical overview of Daniel

Thu, 13 Feb 97 11:09:15 CST
daf assisted by Louise Liu (U17043@UICVM.UIC.EDU)

*** I am sure that Daniel will thank me for writing this to preclude overt
manifestations of his temper ***

Distinguished Gentlemen (ie Anticipatorily Socialized Into A Negligently
Uncriminalized Subculture:

I have searched the full, compleat & entire - which Daniel never did -
database of this list, as available via fishnet or groundhog, and have
ascertained that, circa 1992-1994, notably, the current complaints against
Daniel were well-founded to the point of embarassment. Which, do not suppose,
I permit him to forget for one second. Moreover, as a scholar knowing several
hundred times as much about Zhu Yuanzhang than poor dilletantish Daniel,
howsoever he pathetically tries to cover this up, I was myself stunned, even
more than Daniel himself was, by the Zhu-Mao connection via Wu Han. I find it
difficult to credit, myself, but even I have an emotional side.

For the most part, with rather sporadic lapses - bearing in mind that I
am viewing this in the perspective of the history of Daniel's evolution in
Cyberstupidity - I conclude that, on the whole Daniel is telling the plain
truth as to his maintaining silence "even when there is nothing good on" for
the reason averred, "for the good of my Development." It is only at such
times as yesterday, under conditions of "there is nothing wrong with your
set, and in the meantime we are presenting a program of recorded muzak," do
his "zany pranks" recrudesce; and he is not permitted to let even those go
by. I have divorced him several times already, taking the precaution to have
never married (which noone of my consciousness would countenance). I make
no bones about compensating for his deplorable inadequacies and reminding
him what he might have been had he not been what he was.

I suggest that, for Daniel's sake, you burn spirit money. Also, leave
cold leftovers on five-five. I'm putting a dot on his unmarked ancestral
tablet and getting on with my scholarly projects, which are extremely

My theoretical piece on Doctress Neutopia As Logical Extreme of Woman's
Nonlife will appear elsewhere.

Contact, in event of continued dissatisfaction, Ms Margaret Johnson,
U23976@UICVM.cc.uic.edu; she is Australian. If Australia is, as it claims,
an "Asian" country, she should not object to the designation "handmaid,"
but I have experience of angry noises and minor injuries suggestive that
she has some way to go in this direction.

Louise C. Liu