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Position at UC-Irvine
by David Smith
25 September 2003 23:38 UTC
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The Center for the Study of Democracy in the School of Social Sciences,
University of California, Irvine, invites applications for an Assistant
Professor position with a focus on democratic transitions/consolidation. We
are looking for a candidate in Political Science or Sociology who combines
strong empirical cross-national research skills with an interest in the
theme of democratic transition and consolidation. Areas of emphasis might
include: the sociology of development, comparative welfare states, social
movements/political sociology, institutions and organizations,
race/ethnicity/gender, and/or global inequality and change. There is no
preference for research on a specific geographic region, but there is a
strong preference for broad cross-national research interests.  The
position is affiliated with the Center for the Study of Democracy, and the
applicant would contribute to the educational and research program of the
Center. The faculty position will be based in the Political Science or
Sociology Department depending on the candidate's background and research
interests. Minimum requirements include a Ph.D. in political science or
sociology, publication on this research topic, and an active research
program in the field. The University of California is an equal opportunity
employer committed to excellence through diversity. Applications received
by October 15 will receive full consideration. Application should include a
cover letter, vitae, at least 3 letters of references, and one major

Democracy Position Search
Center for the Study of Democracy
3151 Social Science Plaza
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-5100

(attachment included for your convenience)

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