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Re: [Fwd: commentary 117]
by Tim Jones
10 August 2003 17:47 UTC
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At 1:31 AM -0400 08/10/2003, Jay Fenello wrote:
"The quality of our lives, is directly
related to the questions we ask ..."
-- Tony Robbins (?)

Why does North Korea fear the US?
1) The Korean War isn't over
2) The US is bigger.
3) The US was a potent force killing a lot of their guys about
50 years ago.
4) The US has a strong presence in South Korea. This
thwarts the North's dream of hegemony on the peninsula.
5) The US epitomises the WTO, the World Bank, IMF and
corporate exploitation of third world resources.

Why do they feel they need a nuclear
1) Pretty much the same theory as the six gun in the old
west. I believe they called them "equalizers."
2) Kim Chong-il is using nukes as a bargaining chip for
3) Nukes give this third rate tyrant a sense of power and
respectability in a world that only respects power.

What can the US do to defuse the
Turn down the bellicosity. Derive solutions from an
understanding of the fears on the other side. Practice
generosity instead of capitalist exploitation.

It is natural to respond to danger with
fear, and to react aggressively to protect
perceived interests.  But that only keeps
the cycle going.

If we are to end perpetual war, we must
start thinking differently.
The US consumes a disproportionate share of the world's
resources and creates a disproportionate of the worlds
pollution. The US is being distracted from
real dangers with manufactured ones. The US must be
brought into balance with the rest of the world for peace
to ensue. America can't finance "Pax Americana."

Comments welcome ...
I don't think most people in America are willing to let
this happen. The end of cheap oil will force a new way
of thinking - short of "apocalypse."


Jay Fenello, Internet Services
http://www.Fenello.com ... 678-585-9765
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http://www.AligningWithPurpose.com ... for a Better World
"...the Patriot Act followed 9-11 as smoothly as the
suspension of the Weimar constitution followed the
Reichstag fire."  -- Srdja Trifkovic


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