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Re: [Fwd: commentary 117]
by Jay Fenello
10 August 2003 05:32 UTC
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At 7/17/2003  02:03 PM, Boris Stremlin wrote:
Although the Iraq situation is causing the US some discomfort, the army
(1.5 million strong, I believe) is far from being tapped out.
Furthermore, if it looks like Democrats will be able to mount a credible
challenge, then I think all options for remaining in power for Bush are on
the table.  But the real danger isn't confined to electoral politics, but
embraces the global situation.  North Korea has claimed that it has
finished reprocessing its fuel rods, and is presumably proceeding to
construct nuclear warheads.  If Kim Jong Il tests a nuke, or even worse,
sells one, then the damage to US prestige will far exceed whatever benefit
it derived from its vicotry in Iraq.  The neocons especially are sensitive
to this danger, because the maintenance of US prestige worldwide is their
raison d'etre for being in power.  In Iran, the intelligence services are
already very heavily involved, and are rushing to ensure that they manage
to destabilize the government in Tehran before Iran succeeds in
destabilizing the US occupation government in Iraq.  The US under Bush and
the neocons may feel drawn into another military conflict simply because
they can no longer control the situation, but the political spinmeisters
will try their best to translate such a conflict into an electoral

"The quality of our lives, is directly
related to the questions we ask ..."
-- Tony Robbins (?)

Why does North Korea fear the US?

Why do they feel they need a nuclear

What can the US do to defuse the

It is natural to respond to danger with
fear, and to react aggressively to protect
perceived interests.  But that only keeps
the cycle going.

If we are to end perpetual war, we must
start thinking differently.

Comments welcome ...


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"...the Patriot Act followed 9-11 as smoothly as the
suspension of the Weimar constitution followed the
Reichstag fire."  -- Srdja Trifkovic

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