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Re: Dialogue (on change)
by Jay Fenello
29 July 2003 21:08 UTC
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At 7/29/2003  05:38 AM, Richard K. Moore wrote:
1) Are you suggesting that elites must be on board before change can happen?

Change can be voluntary, or it can be involuntary.

If it is involuntary, some form of force must be
used.  That force can either be establishment, or
it can be reactionary.  This is the paradigm we
now live in.

If we make the leap, we will find a voluntary
solution to our predicament -- elites and the
masses together.  But before this can happen,
an awakening must occur among both camps. 

Why did Iraq happen?

It wouldn't have happened if a large portion
of the establishment was against this war.
Obviously, this was not the case ...

In reading Cleland's critique of the 9/11 report,
combined with previous postings on the organization
of the Baathe party, I can only conclude this war
was really about preserving the "western system."
(aka "way of life" -- one of the few comments by
the Bush administration that was not a lie ;-)

Islamic fundamentalism is an example of a virulent
meme, one that has the potential to quickly threaten
the existing world order.  To Bush and his cronies,
it had to be stopped at all costs -- even if they
had to tell few lies to sell it to the people.

But they are only stuck in a pattern.  The more
they try and repress the reaction (to an unfair
system), and the more unfair the system becomes,
the stronger the reaction will be.

2) If so, do you have a concept of how that might come about?

Voluntary change will occur when a new virulent
meme arrives, and infects large numbers of people,
both elites and the masses. 

It's not that I'm against wisdom councils, social
dynamics, participatory democracy, etc. it's just
that I don't see these as being a broad catalyst
for the kind of change I'm describing.

Changing peoples consciousness is the lever. 
It's the one universal that's required for
a voluntary change for the better.

Coincidentally, I've recently found a site
that closely mirrors my views on this subject:

As always, comments welcome ...



Jay Fenello, Internet Services
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"About the Time of the End, a body of men will be raised up
who will turn their attention to the Prophecies, and insist
upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much
clamor and opposition." -- Sir Isaac Newton 
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