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NYTimes.com Article: 3 Iraqis Killed as G.I.'s Set Up Raid in Hunt for Hussein
by tganesh
28 July 2003 22:00 UTC
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This article from NYTimes.com 
has been sent to you by tganesh@stlawu.edu.

Military Humanism at work again!  This bizzare nonchalance with which the US 
army goes about murdering unarmed civilians is nauseating.  If this is not 
murder what is?  First the civilians are deprived of weapons and then the 
occupying forces fire at them any time they feel insecure.  What kind of 
humanism is this?  There has to be a way to call all this into account.  
Apparently the (Japanese) photographer who was shooting his films was 
manhandled and not allowed to take pictures of the murderers and the murders.  
There are strong shades of the Algerian-French experience that are emerging.  
As with Algeria, the US occupation forces are doomed to defeat and withdrawal.  
It is only a matter of time, perhaps not that much time either. No one seems to 
care about Iraqi civilian casualties.  But these will keep adding up, and the 
anti-occupation forces will go from strength to strength until the US has no 
recourse left other than to turn over things to the UN or some other suprana
 tional body.  Ganesh.


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3 Iraqis Killed as G.I.'s Set Up Raid in Hunt for Hussein

July 28, 2003

A Special Operations team raided a house in what an Iraqi
police officer later said was a failed attempt to capture
Saddam Hussein. 



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