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Re: [ncpeacejustice] Japanese style internments are starting -- no joke
by Ismail Buyukakan
21 March 2003 22:41 UTC
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Definitely an exaggeration and misapprehension.

It only shows an example of how naive, terrified, neurotic and childishly
sensitive and overacting the American civilisation is.

A very large country with publicly accepted racism, discrimination...
Remember the history of southern states for 30+ years ago. Wasnt there a
member of US Senate who was mildy speaking implicated in the terror against
the Blacks who recently resigned from a post? How do they behave against
French speaking people now, after the Security Council meetings? What have
they been practicing at the School of Americas not long ago? What crimes had
they committed in My Lai?  Is it not the American civilisation that has
committed the first nuclear crime by indiscriminately using WMD against a
defenceless civilian population? Antbody remember Nagasaki? Or Hiroshima?
How can any civilised person forget this "American" WMD crime? Being
civilised? Well, to be correct, they are as civilised as Sunni Islam has
been throughout history? My question is this: What will they do when their
own muslims (who, I think, are / will be as reactionary as own christians)
reach some critical numbers as their Latinos did now?

Secondly, "Globalisation" is the globalisation of production. Like force of
gravity, it will not die. Quite the contrary it will embrace our world more
and more. People will learn to live and keep struggling under it. Until
"working men of all countries unite" becomes very real. Working men's
secular globe will be different,  in a positive way.


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> Further evidence of the death of globalization...
> Steven Sherman

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