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A New World Religion
by Jay Fenello
15 December 2002 19:49 UTC
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Isn't it ironic ...

Mohammed, Jesus, and Abraham all worshipped
the same God.  Yet today, their followers
kill each other in His name?

If there is one issue that can raise human
consciousness and end our current cycle,
I suspect it to be religion.

This is a current topic of discussion on
the AWPD list.  Please join us if you'd
like to contribute. 


At 12/13/2002  01:56 AM, Jay Fenello wrote:
At 11/13/2002  03:36 PM, Jay Fenello wrote:

FYI, I heard Neale Donald Walsch on the Art Bell
radio show the other night, and was quite impressed
with his concise summary of our problems -- "exclusivist
organized religions."  I've come to similar conclusions,
so his comments resonated.

I read the multiple comments critical of the
cwg.org website on the Rosicrucian list, but
was wondering what everyone thought about my
comments above?

It appears to me that people live in the
reality supported by their belief systems.
For many, it's a system based on one of
the exclusivist organized religions.

Ultimately, these beliefs are used to
justify wars, etc.

Comments welcome ...


Here's more from his website:

>What You Can Do (Right Now) To Help Change The World...
>My Dear Friends,
>We are coming upon the wonderful end-of-year holidays, and at this very
>special time of year I invite everyone reading these words to join hands
>in choosing to co-create a new reality on our planet -- a world in which
>violence and killing are banished forever from our arsenal of “solutions.”

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