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Re: Comments on a Michael Hardt NLR article
by Sabri Oncu
01 May 2002 20:34 UTC
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For our information Steve,

You cannot imagine how strongly I am against hierarchies of all
kinds, whether they are networked or not. I hate all
organizational forms that give, for whatever reason, rise to a
small group its members gaining a higher status than the
majority, which, in  most occasions, gives them the ability to
give orders to the rest.

Just say please, please.


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Just a note--if you are reading this you are part of a
network-the world systems network (barring unforseen forwardings,
although that would still make you networked in with us). At
least some of us find networks, where information can move from
any node to any other node preferrable to the centralized
bureaucratic models common in liberation movements until
recently.   Certainly doesn't mean networks(including wsn)   are
without hierarchy--but they do represent a different form.

Steven Sherman

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