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Re: Comments on a Michael Hardt NLR article
by Sabri Oncu
30 April 2002 04:48 UTC
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Gert writes:

> TNCs
> (2) take any modern textbook on international
> business (training material for future global
> corporate executives). There you will find that
> even global corporations are not preaching the
> centralist model (hierarchy, pyramidal structure)
> anymore, but networked and matrix models, instead.


This mail has nothing to do with the rest of your mail. It is
just a comment about the above. I say what is called a matrix
model is garbage. It is just a new name for a sliced and diced
hierarchy, which is still an hierarchy, or hierarchy of

I happen to have read some of those modern text books, known a
few who write them closely, a few who teach/preach them closely,
including my own brother, and  a few who attempted to implement
them. Don't take such text books seriously, at least, no more
seriously than your own books. I had lived in those matrix
structures and this is why I say they are garbage. They are no
better than pyramidal structures because they are pyramidal
structures themselves. They are just smaller pyramids, on top of
smaller pyramids, on top of smaller pyramids and so forth. That
means they are pyramids too. This is how TNCs work. Don't buy the
lies of those Organizational Behavior professors who write that
garbage without any real world experience. Their ideas are nice
on the pages of shiny books. Reality is different.


Sabri Oncu

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