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Re: Comments on a Michael Hardt NLR article
by g kohler
28 April 2002 18:40 UTC
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Re: Comments on a Michael Hardt NLR article ? recent posts by LP, nd, LR

concerning global movement structure-process: LP is critical about the ?network
model?. But here are three points to consider:

(1) the women?s movements in many countries have hade some successes in
recent decades. (I am not saying ?definitive complete victory?, but significant
successes, especially in the First World / core of world-system.) Their
movement structure-process is similar to a ?network model?, rather than
to a ?centralist party model?.

(2) take any modern textbook on international business (training material
for future global corporate executives). There you will find that even global
corporations are not preaching the centralist model (hierarchy, pyramidal
structure) anymore, but networked and matrix models, instead.

(3) in the computer world, computer architecture with centralized supercomputers
are one model for processing; distributed processing is another model. Both
coexist and more processing is done in the distributed mode.

networked and distributed structure-process models are (a) very popular,
(b) coexist with centralist models, and (c) can be very effective.


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