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Re: fake photos
by Carl Nordlund
12 April 2002 23:00 UTC
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Regarding the Word document posted earlier on this list:
I have received information that these same pictures of people shooting a stripped Palestine man on a street are NOT fake pictures, reconstructions or anything similar. These same pictures have apparently appeared on french TV some weeks ago in movie format, something which should rule out my hypothesis of the last 3 pictures being a reconstruction. However, I still argue that my arguments which I presented to the list are just as valid as before when based on the pictures.
Although the Israeli-Palestine issue is not part of my research, I am still very curious about the use of pictures in war-like situations. I will try to get more information about these pictures - hopefully also the complete movie clip - and I will post my findings in this list. Please excuse me for doing so as this is perhaps quite off-topic, but as I previously argued that the pictures seem to come from two different photo sessions I feel that I definitely should follow up on this earlier, apparently faulty, hypothesis.
- - -
Carl nordlund, PhD student
Human Ecology Division, Lund University, Sweden
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Ämne: Re: fake photos

No, my analysis is not ideological.
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Ämne: Re: fake photos

Your analysis is not "technical", it is ideological.
I am dealing professionally with  image processing for years.
I know too much about montage and cut / paste, believe me,
these are real pictures.
Also how can you talk about measures, I think a car can move, isn't it?
Anyway, whether this picture is fake or not, we all know what is going on
in Palestine.
, you will see a lot of pictures like them.
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