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Re: A Man of Peace!!!!!!!
by Elson Boles
12 April 2002 21:54 UTC
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Well of course "The president believes that Ariel Sharon is a man of peace"
because the president is himself similarly a deft "man of peace."

It's all quite consistent:

Occupation is Liberation.
Repression is Freedom.
War is Peace and Security.
Bush and Sharon are men of peace.

And that is why since they came to power that the Palestine-Israeli conflict
has so dramatically improved, bringing us to the present situation.


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> Greetings,
>              White House Calls Sharon 'Man of Peace'
>              Last Updated: April 11, 2002 07:10 PM ET
>              By Randall Mikkelsen
>              WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Thursday
> called Ariel
> Sharon a "man of peace," rejecting a report that U.S. support for the
> Israeli prime minister was eroding after he rebuffed Washington's
> demands to
> completely withdraw Israeli military forces from Palestinian areas.
>              "The president has, does and will continue to work directly
> with Ariel Sharon to achieve peace in the region," White House
> spokesman Ari
> Fleischer told reporters.
>              Fleischer made the statement after the Washington
> Post reported
> that Sharon's backing in the White House was ebbing as a result of his
> defiance of President Bush's call for an Israeli withdrawal from the West
> Bank. Sharon said on Wednesday the United States and other nations should
> not pressure Israel to halt its offensive and vowed to continue
> the military
> sweep, launched in retaliation for a wave of Palestinian suicide bombings.
>              Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met at the
> White House on Thursday with Vice President Dick Cheney and national
> security adviser Condoleezza Rice, a day after blasting U.S. calls for a
> withdrawal. Netanyahu, who is in the United States to defend Israel's
> two-week-old military offensive, requested the session, which
> lasted about
> 40 minutes, and did not meet with Bush.
>              According to an Israeli source traveling with Netanyahu, the
> former prime minister repeated his message that Palestinian leader Yasser
> Arafat should be expelled, quoting Netanyahu as calling Arafat "a chronic
> agreement breaker."
>              Netanyahu also accused Arafat of working in
> coordination with
> Iran, which backs Lebanon's Hizbollah guerrillas who have stepped
> up attacks
> on Israeli positions. Netanyahu said Arafat was also working with
> Iraq, and
> told Cheney and Rice that postponing an attack on Baghdad was actually
> encouraging the violence. The source said while Netanyahu was
> presenting his
> own views, he spoke with Sharon before and after the meeting.
>              SHARON QUESTIONED
>              The Post reported that some in the White House had
> begun making
> a distinction between support for Israel and support for Sharon.
> It quoted
> an unnamed official as questioning Sharon's long-term ability to
> make peace.
>              Sharon was defense minister during the 1982 Israeli
> invasion of
> Lebanon, in which Israeli forces killed thousands of Lebanese and
> Palestinian civilians. An Israeli inquiry found Sharon indirectly
> responsible for the massacre by Lebanese militiamen of hundreds of
> Palestinian civilians.
>              Bush has been visibly frustrated by Sharon's defiance of his
> calls for an Israeli withdrawal and Arafat's failure to curb suicide
> bombings. The president made the demands in a speech one week
> ago, reversing
> his policy of relative disengagement from the Middle East and
> announcing he
> was sending Secretary of State Colin Powell to the region.
>              Without specifically mentioning the Middle East, Bush on
> Thursday expressed optimism over U.S. peacemaking efforts. "I
> believe that
> if we're patient and resolved and united, that out of this evil will come
> lasting peace -- peace in regions of the world that might appear now that
> cannot be peaceful," he said.
>              Earlier criticism of Bush's disengagement has turned
> into new
> criticism that his attempts to end the violence have been ineffective.
>              Powell arrived in Jerusalem on Thursday night after telling
> reporters he expected to discuss a schedule for Israeli withdrawal with
> Sharon in a meeting on Friday.
>              Fleischer noted that Israeli troops had pulled out of some
> smaller Palestinian villages, saying, "Israel has continued the
> withdrawal
> ... that the president called for in some areas. There are additional
> incursions in other areas."
>              Leaders in the U.S. Congress expressed support for
> Israel and
> Sharon after meeting with Bush on Thursday. They said it was
> important that
> U.S. policymakers maintain a united front while Powell was in the Middle
> East seeking an elusive cease-fire.
>              "I don't think there has been any diminution of
> support," said
> Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle when asked whether support for
> Sharon was
> eroding in Congress or the White House.
>              Senate Republican leader Trent Lott of Mississippi
> said, "This
> is a delicate time ... We should not be expressing a lack of
> confidence in
> any of the players right now."
>              U.S. House of Representatives Democratic leader Richard
> Gephardt of Missouri said, "We will stand with Israel."
>              While the White House and congressional leaders publicly
> supported Israel and Sharon in response to the Post article, the
> administration wanted moves in Congress to pass pro-Israel
> measures delayed.
>              Rep. Tom Lantos of California, ranking Democrat on the House
> International Relations Committee, was pushing for a vote on a resolution
> expressing support for Israel, and Sens. Dianne Feinstein, a California
> Democrat, and Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, had readied
> a bill to
> designate the Palestine Liberation Organization a terrorist group.
>              "We've got to be very concerned about sending
> messages that are
> counterproductive as we attempt to try to find some peaceful resolution
> here," Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat, told reporters.
>              Fleischer said Bush spoke by telephone on Thursday with King
> Hamad of Bahrain and the two expressed "mutual concern" about Middle East
> tensions. He said Hamad had expressed support for Bush's latest peace
> initiative.
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