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reference suggestion
by Elson Boles
28 March 2002 18:33 UTC
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I'm looking for two articles for an introductory level Global Cultures

One: an article which discusses the modern interstate system as cultural
formation, that is, discusses how people across the planet have become
socially organized and interact through the institutions (sovereign states,
diplomacy, international law, etc.) of the interstate system and its
ideology (e.g. sovereignty, national development, modern "civilization," the
rule of law, diplomacy, etc.).  That is, a not-too-long article which sums
up and introduces students to the basic idea that the interstate system is a
global and globalizing cultural institution.

Two: an article which discusses modern business forms as cultural forms,
including such aspects as the spread of the modern business suit and the
social aspects of business "culture," offices and factories as common
cultural-architectural forms, profit and wealth accumulation as a creed,
rationalization of work organization, impersonal bureaucratic organization,
the port city, industrial, and corporate cities and their environs.

If you know of articles that speak to these issues and can be understood by
undergraduate students (even with a bit of effort on the instructor's part),
I'd very much appreciate hearing from you.

Elson Boles
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Sociology
Saginaw Valley State University
University Center
Saginaw MI, 48710

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