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Re: US government censorship
by Kessler, Judi
22 March 2002 17:06 UTC
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This did happen to me yesterday.  I was trying to send an email to the NY
Times from the Times' "contact us" site.  I couldn't figure out what was
going on so I gave up.
What *is* going on?

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Siegmund [mailto:Tetworld@highstream.net]
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 9:04 AM
To: Peace; Peace Studies; World Systems Network; World Systems Network
Subject: FW: US government censorship

Please see my email below--are any of you experiencing the same interference
from the White House?

Mark Siegmund
> From: Mark Siegmund <Tetworld@highstream.net>
> Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 06:57:36 -0800
> To: TetCenter-Topica <tetcenter@topica.com>
> Subject: US government censorship
> Hi, during the last week I've noticed that when I am accessing certain
> sites--e.g., CNN, Netscape, NY Times, Washington Post, etc., as the page
> loads, across the bottom of the page, while  loading, appears the url
> others while loading)--www.whitehouse.gov
> Today, while trying to access an article at http://www.cnn.com "The
> for Israel...", www.whitehouse.gov appeared while the article was loading,
> instead of the article page appearing, a page at the White House appeared,
> saying that, "certain documents from the previous administration have been
> removed from this site, etc"--then, while trying to send an email to the
> Washington Post (using the contact us link at the Post website), to ask if
> they knew anything about this, the same thing happened--a  White House
> appeared with the same message, and I was therefore, not permitted to send
> email to the Washington Post.
> I do not know if the White House is censoring my access, or is this a
> censorship--so, I would be grateful if some of you would try and do as I
> done and see if you obtain the same results.
> Thanks,
> Mark Siegmund

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