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What would Amercian World-System theorists think of ...?
by Seyed Javad
18 March 2002 02:57 UTC
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It would be interesting to see what kind of intellectual reaction would flow from US World-System theorists-intellectuals about the emerging relation between US and Iran. Here, there is a brief article about the progress in that direction:
Iran-US-Dialogue /POL/

     Govt gives green light for Iran-US talks at intellectual level    
Tehran, March 17, IRNA -- Government Spokesman Abdullah Ramezanzadeh  
here Sunday said the Iranian government sees no obstacle in a dialogue
between Iranian and US intellectuals.                                 
    Ramezanzadeh, who was commenting on the proposal of the US        
Congress to hold a dialogue with Iranian parliamentarians, said the   
government believes that there is no obstacle in holding talks at the 
parliamentary level, and remarked that Iranian parliamentarians have  
the choice of accepting or rejecting the proposal.                    
    "It is the US officials who can take practical step to break down 
the wall of mistrust and remove the obstacles to Iran entering the    
dialogue," he said.                                                   
    The Iranian government spokesman further rejected any             
precondition for Tehran-Washington talks to offset any interference in
Iran's internal affairs on the pretext of leading the countries into a
    Ramezanzadeh reiterated that Iran advocates narrowing differences 
between countries through dialogue, and stressed that Iran is ready to
talk with all nation, as long as they do not lodge baseless           
allegations against the Islamic Republic.                             
    He pointed to President Khatami's 1998 televised interview with   
the CNN in which the Iranian president said Iran is ready for talks   
with US academicians and intellectuals.                               
    Ramezanzadeh said Iran follows an overall policy of holding talks 
with whoever advocates peace and the coalition for world peace, and   
stressed that Iran's foreign policy is based on three principles of   
national dignity, prudence and expedience.                            
    Ramezanzadeh said Iran's stance on Afghanistan, which was also    
accepted by the international community, had been based on national   
interests, and regretted that the US had used those stances as a      
pretext to threaten the Islamic Republic.                             
    "Such issues seem to have further made the wall of mistrust       
between the two countries higher, and we are still looking for        
practical steps by US officials to remove that wall," he said.        
Kind Regards
Kafkazli Seyed

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