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Reply to Adam Starr about "activist demonstrations"
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17 March 2002 01:27 UTC
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You are not taking new phase of struggle of anti-systematic movements seriously.
It is not the western equivalent of the peasant revolution.
And its importance comes from this propery.
It is a combination of middle classes - ethnic people - feminists - people of South -
muslims - students - prisoners....
You can expand this list and this expansion gives the importance of it.
A new movement is trying to exist, trying to theorize itself (in Porto Alegre for example)
Also it is not symbolic, states started to kill people in demostrations like happened in Genova.
Or during Seattle demos, it was arrested to go out.
You must know them, while I can learn a lot of thing from Turkey.
You are talking about a new movement and so you have to be more careful.
PS. see ZNet, www.znet.org
 I would also like to include (to a lesser extent)
> "activist demonstrations" in this category which seems
> to be our modern western equivalent of peasant
> revolution. Although symbolic, very little policy
> change results from demonstrations like that in
> Seattle. Therefore this human energy and
> resourcefulness needs to be directed in a more
> efficient manner. Hmmm.
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