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Transnational Terrorism (Stemplowski, editor)
by g kohler
16 March 2002 01:08 UTC
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New book:

Ryszard  Stemplowski (editor),
Transnational Terrorism in the World System Perspective
Warsaw: The Polish Institute of International Affairs, 2002
ISBN 83-915767-4-4

to give the gist of the book, here is one quotation per author, authors
in order of appearance in the volume --

Stemplowski (Editor)
p7 "Trans-national Terrorism (TnT) is a resultant of uneven development
(. . .), the Middle East conflict, peculiarities of the relationship
between religion and the state, internal rift in the Muslim societies,
communications and transportation globalisation"

Bergesen and Lizardo
p19 "Today's struggles between militant Islamic terrorists in the Middle
East and the United States share similarities with past periods." -
e.g., situation of the Balkans and Europe.prior to World War I

p28 "To the best of my knowledge, no serious theory of terrorism has
been ever attempted. Perhaps this is because the experts on terrorism
are mostly a variety of criminologists working closely with the
governmental police and intelligence bureaucracies."

p62 "Economic upswings and downswings are prime causes of ethnic
violence, a form of conflict in which terror plays an unfortunately
large role."

p94 "Regaining hegemony through successful exploitative domination, in
the right place and at the right time, might indeed be the duty of the
United States towards a human species that could not survive a crisis of
hegemony in the context of the new era and its novel threats."

p114 "Religious terrorism is at least in part a product of the world

Debski, Foks, Gorka-Winter
p130 "As the fight against terrorism requires the activity of many
citizens, such contacts may give rise to a further strengthening of ties
even between societies that hitherto have shown mistrust to one

p153 "Today the key question is how we can fight the threat without
destroying the values that prove the identity and success of open

p166 ". . . fair and democratic world order creation. And this, to my
mind, will be the best means to fight international terrorism."

p182 "If in the recent past the nuclear balance could act as a
deterrent, it will be much more difficult to find deterrents in the


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