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AGF's "development of underdevelopment"
by Daniel Pineu
14 March 2002 12:37 UTC
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> Excuse the ignorance, and ignore this if I am just uninformed,
> ill-informed or misinformed.

Probably that should have been my quote when I posted my previous email,
addressing this issue simply from memory, and without having done some
serious reading before my comments...

> But is it really the case that AGF's "development of
> underdevelopment" remains largely a consensual topic, except in some
> broad, so broad as to be almost meaningless, sense? Does AGF himself
> even subscribe to it anymore? Would he -- hasn't he -- subjected it
> to the critque of Eurocentrism?
> Additionally, it seems to me that "development of underdevelopment"
> notion was linked to the notion of "de-linking" as a developmental
> programme. What is the status of "de-linking" given the notions about
> East Asia today?

The last thing i read about Frank (and by Frank as well) on "the development
HONOUR OF ANDRE GUNDER FRANK" ed. by Sing Chew and Robert Denemark, Thousand
Oaks: Sage Publications 1996. That is fairly recent, so I take it it still
reflect more or less, AG Frank's "current view". His contribution to the
book can be found online at http://csf.colorado.edu/agfrank/underdev.html .
Let each one derive from it what they will. Or, maybe easier and more
accurate, would be directing that same question you posed to AG Frank
himself, for the benefit of us all...


Daniel Pinéu

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