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Re: Fw: Armchair theorizing and scholarship on wsn
by kjkhoo
14 March 2002 04:39 UTC
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At 3:11 PM +0000 13/3/02, Daniel Pinéu wrote:
>That remains a fundamental rift within World(-)Systems Theory (aaah, 
>the simplifying beauty of using just WS to outskirt this 
>discussion!). While AG Frank's position on the "development of 
>underdevelopment" remains largely a consensual topic, his definition 
>of a World (no hyffen) System dating back at least 5000 years 
>frontally clashes with Wallerstein's original and prior hypothesis 
>(more Braudelian, perhaps?) of World-Systems.

Excuse the ignorance, and ignore this if I am just uninformed, 
ill-informed or misinformed.

But is it really the case that AGF's "development of 
underdevelopment" remains largely a consensual topic, except in some 
broad, so broad as to be almost meaningless, sense? Does AGF himself 
even subscribe to it anymore? Would he -- hasn't he -- subjected it 
to the critque of Eurocentrism?

Additionally, it seems to me that "development of underdevelopment" 
notion was linked to the notion of "de-linking" as a developmental 
programme. What is the status of "de-linking" given the notions about 
East Asia today?

KJ Khoo

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