Please tell me what you feel or think about Japanese people.

Sun, 13 Apr 1997 04:13:44 +0900
Hideo Tsuji (

Dear Sir and Madam,

I am a freelance journalist in Japan and 44-year-old male (Japanese).
I write articles for some magazines and manuscripts for some books.
I have just found out your name and e-mail address on the CNN FEEDBACK COMME
NTS in the CNN homepage.
Well, the reason I write to you is that I want to know what you think or fee
l about Japanese people, especially business men and women with whom you are
dealing everyday or have dealed before in the business scenes.
Because I have much concern in perception gap or culutural difference betwee
n our Japanese systems and others, especially in the business society.
The Japanese business men were once called "ECONOMIC ANIMAL" in the world. B
ut what about it is like now ?
I really want to know what you think or feel about Japanese people, especial
ly business men and women. More to say, I want to know what you think or fee
l about Japanese business people' moral in business, the way of dealings, ho
w to communicate with you, and etc.
I think you are very busy, but would you please fill out my questionnaire be
low ?


1. Have you ever had a deal with Japanese business men and women ?

a. Yes b. No

(answer: )

2. What do you feel or think about the Japanese business men' and women' mor
al in dealings ?

a. the lowest of low
b. low
c. normal
d. better
e. the best

(answer: )

(the reason is :

3. Do you think or feel that the Japanese business men or women are "ECONOMI

a. Yes, I think so.
b. No, I don't think so.
c. the others.

(answer: )

(the reason is :

# If you choose the answer "c", please tell me what you feel or think abo
ut the Japanese business men and women.

4. Have you ever feel that Japanese are unfair ?

a. Yes
b. No

(answer: )

# If you choose the answer "a. Yes", please tell me in what occasion you
feel or think so.

5. May I reveal your name and e-mail address ?

a. Yes, both
b. Yes, but only name.
c. Yes, but only e-mail address.
d. No, none of them.

6. Please tell me where you live and the population of your residence.
(the name of your city or town : )
(its population : )

(the name of your country : )

7. Please write down your name and your e-mail address.

(your name: )

(your e-mail address: )

That's all. Thank you very much.
I am very sorry to bother you, but I am very pleased if you fill out my ques
tionnaire as soon as possible.

Best regards to you.

Hideo Tsuji