core-periphery symbiosis

Wed, 9 Apr 1997 14:26:26 -0600 (NSK)
Nikolai S. Rozov (

Dear Salvatore,
i agree with you in all points, but isn't it very normal and usual for
peripheral big business (which includes besides Chinese and Russian
semi-state companies and factories, also Latin American, Indian, African
compradors) to be harsh on workers, cruel, corrupt and predatory?
It always seemed for me that it is a very nice and stable symbiosis here
between core liberal democracies and peripheral harsh exploitaition supported
by political authoritatism and violence.

yours Nikolai

> From: Salvatore Babones <>
> I think that there's too much of a tendency in the world-systems world to
> be tough on first-world big business but soft on third-world big business.
> In my limited reading, third-world big business is even more harsh on
> workers, even more insensitive to the health and safety of their
> communities, and even more corrupt than is first-world big business.

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