global feminist movements

Wed, 26 Mar 97 11:39:04 EST

Here's the listings for the Global Feminist Movements session that
Valentine Moghadem and I organized for PEWS. We're excited about the
session -- we hope it will prove to be intellectually invigorating
and draw in a wide audience.

We plan on running this session a little differently from the
traditional approach. Val will serve as discussant, and will open
the session by providing an overview of the issues important about
global feminist movements from a PEWS perspective. Each author will
have a few minutes to bring up the key issue that her paper focuses
upon, and why it's important (rather than a traditional paper-reading
format). Finally, Val will discuss the papers, critiquing the arguments
and pushing them into a larger frame.

I believe that Nancy Forsythe and Val organized a roundtable on the
same subject, where they hope that people will come together to discuss
the issues raised at this panel.

Hope to see you all there,
Joya Misra

ASA 1997 Meetings, Political Economy of the World-System Section,
*Global Feminist Movements*

"Global Feminist Values and Forms or Organization: Alternatives to
Neo-Liberal 'Globalization'"
Angela Miles, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

"Connection and Interaction of Global and Local Feminisms: A Case
Study of China"
Naihua Zhang, Florida Atlantic University

"Shaping the Possibilities: Political Fields and Women's Movements"
Raka Ray, University of California, Berkeley

"Women's Work and Feminist Movements Around the World"
Torry Dickinson, Kansas State University

"Anti-systemic Movements in World-Historical Perspective: the Transition
from Men's Movements to Women's Movements"
Nancy Forsythe, University of Maryland, College Park

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
University of Georgia
Baldwin Hall
Athens, Georgia 30602