more pomo

Tue, 11 Mar 1997 06:44:20 -0800

Waves of radical romantic cultural analysis routinely
follow the decline of radical political initiatives.
Po-mo is the latest in a long line that stretches back
at least to the post-1815 romantic movement. Cultural
critics from Ortega on the right to the Frankfurt School
on the left are probably the most familiar, as they date
from the last trough of reaction, the fascist era. One
interesting feature of these intellectual movements is
that they announce themselves as radically critical but
are largely incomprehensible to regular people.

By the way, on my campus there are some posters advertising
a lecture with the phrase "the geography of desire" in its
title. Can someone tell me if this refers to where to go
on a vacation? Or does it pertain to erogenous zones? Or
the back seat of a car versus the bear rug by the hearth?
Is there a radical geographer who can help me out?