It is really a shame...

Fri, 14 Feb 1997 13:04:45 -0600 (CST)
karen denise solski (

I just signed on to find dessention in the ranks.....this should not be
a question about whether or not to "self-indulge"...and spare me the
quotations from literature...

I signed on in hopes of eavesdropping on intellectual discussions
pertaining to world system theory, especially since I am choosing to
address an issue which may adversely affect the lives of 8 to 12
thousand hopes, maybe, of gleaning insight and finding yet
one more perspective with which to view the research problem.

It is a shame that under the ruse of academic-speak, Mr. Foss
presumptively believes that the whole world wishes to listen to his
prattle and self-import through his admission of self-indulgence,
lacking the maturity and insight which would normally inhibit such
endeavors......but merely renders the facile form of this modern
technology as a servile tool for self-agrandisement without virtue!!
...wasting this precious form of communication through corrupting the
format of a network, such as wsn.

Yes, it is truly a shame that people would take it upon themsevles to
to pervasively occuppy and waste peoples' precious research time
instead of contribute to the body of literature and understanding about
world systems...through meaty is merely a sign of

Mr. Foss, perhaps you should take it upon yourself to get out-there and
do research that really matters; then get on the airwaves and
contribute to our understanding, perhaps even enlightening the rest of
us who choose to debate and interact about issues of ethics and models
and other relevant material to the growth of world system theory, and
how it may help in areas of development modelling and political
understanding, and how these impact in the social and cultural arena.

Please, learn not to delimit yourself from some academic pretense....

>From someone who has little time to waste.