Complexity ans WSH

Mon, 03 Feb 1997 12:35:51 +1100
Bruce R. McFarling (

To A. Gunder Frank (fwd)

Here was one response to Gunder's post in response to remarks
I had forwarded from pkt on WST and Keynes. Oh, and don't get too
angry at the beginning ... the message may just turn out to be
different than it first appears ...


Bruce McFarling, Newcastle

On Wed, 29 Jan 1997 08:36:20 -0500 (EST), Gernot Kohler
<> writes,

[this is not a flame war, this is fine leftist polemics among
potential friends]

This is a fact: where A G Frank is, there is no (NO) vacuum.

Your post reveals another fact:
AG Frank lumps (Post) Keynesianism together with "other 'received'
econ theory/analysis" (by which he means: running dogs of
capitalism, econometric humbugsters and putrid scum, equivalent to
the hole in the donut that AG Frank is willing to bet).

Now let me ask this:
(1) what is the exchange rate system that
world-system-donut-betters advocate?

(2) where is the productivity theory that
world-system-donut-betters put forward?

(3) where is the global minimum wage that
world-system-donut-betters advocate?

(4) where is the regime of international capital flows that
world-system-donut-betters advocate?

(5) where are the monetary policies that
world-system-donut-betters have thought out?

(6) where is the working-class consciousness that
world-system-donut-betters see everywhere?

It's as metaphysical as the invisible hand of Classicism; not much
of a "historisches Subjekt" (agent of change).

World system theorists don't study how many angels dance on the
head of a pin -- they study the world system 5000 years ago,

* * *

Sorry, I couldn't come up with any better insults.

* * *

Having exchanged some insults, let me get down to the real thing:

G R E E T I N G S !

:) :) :)

(three Post Keynesian smiles, not authorized,
but smiled under the general "freedom of speech" clause)

It is wonderful that the planet "World System Theory"
talks to the planet "Post Keynesian Thought".

Of course, I have read some of your books.

Of course, they are terrific.

Of course, they use descriptive statistics.

Of course, you beat me 2000 : 1 or 20,000 : 1.

* * *

Post Keynesians can sell you a good exchange rate
system, Sir. We carry several models. We also
carry fine monetary and taxation policies.
Are you interested? I bet you a toothpick
that you need those.

Let's talk.
Give us a call.

Gernot Kohler
Oakville, Canada
(that's 30 km West of Toronto)