Tusk was way overhead

Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:19 +0000
MA&NG Jones (majones@netcomuk.co.uk)

Daniel said:

> you just
> don't fight with cavalry in Yangzi valley mud.

It is true that the Jurchids failed to cross the Yangtse in 1161, but
this was mainly because the Sung used vast cannons and missiles with
gunpowder-filled iron-cauldron rocket-motors. So let's be reasonable
about this. The Jurchids won so much ground in the first place because a
half century before Hui Tsung was thrashed in the same place, more or
less, and the Sung then lost everything north of the Yellow River. Later
on Subedei had no difficulty, except from cholera, with the Yangtse.

Apart from that, everythign is normal.

Mark Jones