task was way over my head

Tue, 21 Jan 97 17:55:00 CST
Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.UIC.EDU)

Tovarischi, Gospozha, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The fourth century was screwedup beyond all belief. For purposes of giving
rise to our Present, which by its very nature is inevitably delusional, it
has been made to serve purposes at least as, vastly more, screwed up than
it, the fourth century, was when it was. What it was when it was cannot now
be recovered. Consider, in one famous illustration, the readily-accessible
comparisons of sermons delivered by Constantine the Great written (or improvi-
sed) by himself to those believed written by Eusebius of Caesaraea. It may well
be accepted that Constantine hallucinated like crazy on the eve of the Battle
of the Milvian Bridge (312), though the content of the Vision was doubtless
coloured post facto by the circumstance that he won. Or, more likely, Maxentius
lost, as his political regime was more rotten than Constantine would have dared
to hope for.

The snide insinuation snuck into the jokes anent the Council of Nicaea to
the effect that the reverend bishops unthunk three hundred years of rhetoric
anent Principalities & Powers was quite unfair, as it is incontestable,
theoretically, that social relations in the sphere of material reproduction
being guaranteed by violence is every bit as true for social relations in
the sphere of cultural reproduction. (Ie. In every revolutionary situation
whereof we are informed, when the troops mutinied, the taken-for-granted
Reality went out the window. Cf New York Times, Friday, Feb 9, 1979. Interview
with Shahpur Bahktiar, wretchedly terminal Prime Minister of the Shah of Iran.
Stack of French newspapers on BaKhtiar's desk. "I have to read the foreign
press to know what's going on in my own country; the local press has lost
touch with Realty." ćuppercase mine. dafŔ As we recall, two days after the
interview reported in the Times' Page A1 story, the Tehran garrison mutinied;
Bakhtiar fled Iran; and distinguished generals were shot by firing squad.
The inference, for Nicaea, is that had the TENNNN-HUT! been given, the
bishops would have assumed formation, saluted when called for,...SUH!
That's just the known facts, not just the issue. In the envisioned, if
now cancelled, confrontation between Averil Cameron, in her robes of state
as Master of King's College, and Louise Liu, in her bathtub to meke her
now-tiresome statement that Fausta had a right to life, on the issue, *Would
We Be Better Off Without Christianity*? Followed by the second round, *Julian
The Apostate: How He Would Have Won*. This should, would certainly have, as
these things tend to occur, have led to a conference: Comparative Religion &
Comparative Human Rights Violation.

Let's face it, you were safer, in life and property, in the Former Qin,
the empire of North China expanded in all directions by the conquests of
Fujian, proto-Tibetan, inevitalbly so to command the loyalties of proto-Mongols
and proto-Turks, than in the East Roman empire of the Basque (well, Spanish,
but put money on Basques for bloodlusty warriorship) Theodosius I. Survey the
surivivors of the Thessaloniki Massacre; and it was by design so bloody that
St Ambrose had to do something symbolic about it for motives now lumped under
"hegemony." As a sample, they'd have nothing to lose, dead long since already.
Theodosius, recall, maede X-tianity, in Orthodox variant, sole legal
religion of the Empire (which took time, admittedly, to make stick), in the
same year that Fujian did the same for Mahayana Buddhism, the orthodoxy whereof
was determined, in the final analysis, by himself.
Theodosius I was Vice-Gerent of Christ on Earth, quite understandable in
terms of the <ahem> zeitgeist; and in similar vein, Fujian was "living
Tathagatha." In which one's juristiction were taxes paid, corruption suppressed
and education flourishing; whilst conscripts reported for service in accordance
with law? The latter. Under Fujian, the status of women rose in North China.
There was no trick involved, as he had some way to go toward full assimilation
of Chineseness.

Fujian, a great hero of mine, made one dreadful mistake. As you saw, I've
tried to figure out a way to stop him, HALT! from making it, viz, you just
don't fight with cavalry in Yangzi valley mud. At the battle of the Fei river,
it is reported in Chinese imaginary fiction called dynastic history that Fujian
had 300,000 infantry and 670,000 cavalry, far too many to fit onto the battle-
field and much more.
Geewiz, with possession of Riaozhou (Hanoi-Haiphong), Guangzhou, and
Quanzhou, the Chinese south sea ports, hence cessation of competition between
silk exported by land and sea, there's no good reason why the lands of the
whiteman would have ever figured in the Asian world-system overlapping its
hegemonic core state within its state system, and we would all have been

In the immortal words, one slightly changed, of the man whose Day we've
just celebrated, "I had a dream." Foreknowledge wasn't necessary. If only,
that's all it'd taken, *some people had drifed a little harded than they
actually did*, we wouldn't be here. There'd have been no whitemen, as
those pallid enough to give rise to the relevant somatic norm image would've
remained slaves in body paint.

Just because we're here, by which is substantively meant, *you* are here,
and you cannot detect by visual cues the proof positive and behavioural
evidence conclusively in support, that I am not one of you though if, when
coerced by repressive restrictions, I am forcibly restrained from writing
as I wish to, hence from making the assertions anent the object of investiga-
tion, historical development, in particular the depiction of it in what I take
to have been its full disgustingness.
So, during my incapacitation, mental and physical, when I am compelled to
modestly fake scholarly demeanour (representing whining on bended knee for
tolerance of tedious, tiresome wheelchair-shuffling that you take for *sane*
and *sholarly*, you mayhap were relieved that I never asserted my article of
faith, hardly itself original. WHAT IS, IS WRONG. That Japanese Quality Control
would never have left me off the line is beside the point. The lousiness in
the aggregate has never done anything for me, satisfacitionwise or Else. Only
something as atrociously Inferior as Notactually Nonexistent Socialwasm might
have done something for me, as they would have been required, at costs in
excess by vast orders of magnitude of any withdrawals I might make, costumed
as contributions, to society, which would have been Them, to give me a job.
We denounce wage-labour as wage-slavery; free time is the only freedom;
time is life; timescheduling in capitalism is panopticon incarnate; your
time is my money and my time I will not be paid for; and all the other
pieties be damned. If a social order be such as to define the relative degree
of moral virtue of the people by jobs, those without jobs being most wicked,
those with jobs if starving lesser reprobates; those with jobs and well
remunerated in the Kingdom of Heaven, it follows that the society which gives
me a job has my poltical commitment however imaginary. All forms of actually
existing capitalism, accordingly, be damned to irrelevance.

I shall continue to imagine outside the Normal discourse, for the simple
reason that each and every one of you is capable of doing the Normal discourse
lots better than I can. What I promise to do is cancel ventures in word-output
which *don't work*, in that, screwy as are ways I insist on doing things,
there's within that what works and what doesn't. Now, what you got the last
few days was the synopsis of sci-fi drivel which was written wrong the first
time. It recrudesed for the simple reason that, in order to fictify, you have
just gotta know people, which for various reasons is for me unwise if not
dangerous. Basically, I was bored with it, and the characters, initially
invented to be less boring than me, got even worse. The most fun stuff, for
me, was the True Facts in the story, which I never ran altogether through.
Like the Buddhist Riots of 404. When Lady Liu escapes through a tunnel
hastily abandoned by the Americans due to a flash Flood of the Antiquities
Market; the city of Jianking is burning. Because the Retard, Liu Yu, Power
Behind the Gauzy Throne, just seized power, in 404, and has set about LAYING
DIRTY FILTHY HANDS ON HOLY CHURCH! The fifth century is a time of club-wielding
monks wherever you look. Q.v. Council of Chalcedon, 451. Back to South China,
"Hui-yuan (334-417) "proudly asserted the Church's independence of the
political power (his *Treatise explaining the reasons why monks are not
obligated to pay homage to sovereigns*,*Shomen puching wang-che lun*, 404)."
(Gernet, 1992)
Even the emperor's kid sister would find conditions getting hot, but might
feel emotional tug of family, especially with a loony sworn to kill her fled
to 1996, hadn't she known about Family Feud. Like Merovingians!
"At the beginning of the fifth century a soldier of fortune named Liu Yu,
a former cobbler turned general, gave a transitory vitality to the old
empire. Emboldedned by a few successes against the barbarians, he dethroned
the Jin and proclaimed himself emperor of the Song dynasty (now called Liu
Song, to distinguish it from the great Song dynasty founded in the tenth
century. His family, which occupied the throne of Nanjing from 420 to 479,
lapsed into a state of degeneracy worse than ever before. The third emperor
of this line was assassinated at the instigation of one of his own sons
(453). The parricide was afterwards put to death by his own brother (454),
who became emperor (454-465) and, fearing a similar fate, took the precau-
tion of massacring the majority of the other princes of the royal blood.
The next emperor, who only reigned for six months (465)--he came to the
throne at sixteen and was assassinated at seventeen--was a sort of Nero
who who ordered the execution of his regents, close relations and
concubines. It was not long before he was murdered himself, but his uncle
and successor (465-472), nicknamed 'The Pig' because of his obesity, was
no less bloodthirsty, and he in turn had all his brothers executed. When
he was dying, 'The Pig' bequeathed the empire to the son of his favourite.
This emperor-by-chance was a precocious youngster (crowned at ten, killed
at fifteen) and showed such ferocity that he had to be beheaded, which was
done during a night of drunkenness (477). Liu Yu's family was already
decimated and dishonoured when, in the year 479, one of the state officers
deposed it and founded a new dynasty called Qi. (Grousset, Rise & Splendour
..., pp. 108-109)

Honest, no jokes, just the plain old nauseating, unvarnished, atheoretical,
moralizing l'histoire evenementelle. What it's got in common with the joke
nuisance is, you don't want, you don't need, you can very easily do without
thank you the deliberately provocative iteration of stuff what just can't
happen. What I love about WS Theory, that's the very place where it just
can't happen even less thay anywhere else.

So that's today's lies, folks; you keep me on a leash, I'm gonna be nice
and whiny and forget I hate everyone of even slightly higher SES and cognitive
capability. Because as a Jewish only child I was taught the total impossibility
of such other people. Found out, even the IQ tester was paid off. The authors
of The Bell Curve forgot that, one way or the other, all IQ testers are paid
off, if not necessarily directly across the palm by the testee's Jewish mother.

Wow, before this week, didn't get to talk to anybody since October! That's
being quiet and not bothering people, which the latter approved of, and staying
home and, what I liked, reading books, which of course had to be paid for, cuz
I am not allowed, legally, into the library.

The purpose of telling you all this, folks, is that, sooner or later, not
being like you, who are by definition the Normals, gets to someone. Just think
of the effort, the chemicals licit or illicit, requisite to sustain the
delusional state of being not-Retarded.

The more it's writ, the less I know why, but the more fun it is doing it.
Better stop.

Daniel A. Foss