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Re: Why is the left not internationalist anymore?
by g kohler
02 November 2003 01:58 UTC
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Seyed writes:
 [quote]But this new breed of Left is more idealist in their outlook and
more of a materialist in their social life who guard against all the threats
which undermine their sense of previliges or status. However there could be
plenty of other issues which are beyond the scope of my ability to
analyze.[end quote]

It seems to me that globalization critics of the First World (including
myself) have a problem insofar as we desire a more just world, but we, qua
being First Worlders, have the benefits of that unjust global distribution
of wealth and, consequently, yell more softly when it comes to that. And
that is reflected in the campaigning. And here Suzanne Berger puts her
finger on a genuine problem. While in Germany this past summer and trying to
learn more about the globalization critical movement there, I found that
their campagning is fairly strong in four areas and weak in a fifth. The
Canadian scene is similar. The four strong areas are: (1) ecological (here
you find people who sleep with Herman Daly's books under their pillow), (2)
anti-corporate (here you find celebrations of books like "Blue Gold" by
Maude Barlow) and standard condemnations of the IMF etc, (3) defense of the
local welfare state (demonstrations as in France and Italy against the
destruction of the social safety nets), (4) anti-war. The fifth area,
namely, that of campaiging for global redisribution of wealth in favour of
poor countries seems a bit weak and wishywashy. Suzanne Berger makes a valid
point here. (Of course, I hope, that someone can point out that I am
mistaken.) But then, perhaps, that is alright. Third Worlders do their own
campaigning and don't need the First World left that much. Perhaps, the best
thing First World leftists can do for the Third World is campaigning against
the ecological destruction of the globe by ourselves and our First World

Kind regards.

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