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[Fwd: [Fwd: [palsolidarity] Urgent Action: Rafah being destroyedby Israeli occupation]]
by Trichur Ganesh
15 October 2003 19:40 UTC
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Subject: [Fwd: [palsolidarity] Urgent Action: Rafah being destroyed by Israeli occupation]
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:06:48 -0400
From: John Collins <collins@stlawu.edu>
To: Don Collins <dcollins@skyhouse.us> , Eve Stoddard <estoddard@mail.stlawu.edu> , Martha Chew <mchew@mail.stlawu.edu> , Ganesh Trichur <tganesh@stlawu.edu> , Judith DeGroat <jdegroat@stlawu.edu> , Joel Morton <jmorton@stlawu.edu> , Danielle Egan <degan@stlawu.edu> , Erin McCarthy <emccarthy@stlawu.edu> , Traci Fordham <tracifordham@stlawu.edu>

Has anyone heard much about what is happening in Rafah?  I haven't--and it's a scandal that this isn't being covered more extensively.  Please forward this on to others.  Laura Gordon, who is referred to in the message below, is almost the only person sending eyewitness reports out of Rafah, and what she describes is horrifying:



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Subject: [palsolidarity] Urgent Action: Rafah being destroyed by Israeli occupation
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 21:08:47 -0000
From: International Solidarity Movement <ism-alerts@palsolidarity.org>
To: palsolidarity@yahoogroups.com

Urgent Action:
[Rafah, Gaza Strip]

Rafah is being destroyed.

Electricity and phone lines have been cut in many areas of Rafah.
Sewage lines and the basic infrastructure of the city have been
destroyed and the Mayor of the municipality has declared the area a
disaster zone. As of the writing of this release there have been 10
killed (including at least 3 children, and one ambulance driver).  A
significant number are in the ICU including one child after being
shot in the back from military fire.  The one hospital to which
residents of Rafah can go has run out of beds -people are having to
sleep on the floor- and is running critically low on medical
supplies.  The only route into and out of Rafah has been sealed for
almost a week now and the town is running low on food, water, and
basic supplies. 

The UN is reporting that more than 1200 people have been made
homeless and that number is rising.  This does not include the large
numbers of families whose houses have been partially demolished by
the military.  Laura Gordon, an American citizen,  is inside Rafah
and giving detailed firsthand accounts of the situation on the
ground.  She and the families she is staying with are in grave
danger, include the family of Abu Ahmed, one of the countless
families who have been forced to flee their homes under heavy
gunfire from tanks and Apache helicopters. This crime must stop

Please call the following numbers to let Israel know that the world
is watching.

Captain Levey, Southern Command, Gaza Strip:
+972 56-246-406

Gaza Occupation Forces:
+972 88-741-544

For more information from Rafah, contact:
+972 67 850 734

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In the dark times,
Will there also be singing?
Yes, there will be singing,
About the dark times.

--Bertolt Brecht

John Collins
Assistant Professor of Global Studies
St. Lawrence University
82 Park Street
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 229-5661

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