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Re: NYTimes.com Article: Iraqi Family Ties Complicate American Efforts for Ch...
by Charles Jannuzi
01 October 2003 10:53 UTC
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>>SO this business of trying to determine extended
family ties in order to improve imperialist methods
for imposing the political will of the US government
and the economic advantage of US corporations on the
Iraqi people while sugar coating it with the *rights
of the Iraqi women* business is pathetic, weak knee'd
and hypocritical and laughable. <<

Oh, I absolutely agree. I hope I was strong enough in
my posts in pointing that out. First, even before I
researched the topic--that is, cousin marriage but
more importantly the right-wing interest in it--my
reaction was that I highly doubted it was unique to
Iraq. And it turned out that marriage to related
partners characterizes much of the world, including
societies that may judicially discourage marriage of
first cousins. Finally, it also turned out that cousin
marriage is not unique to Iraq nor even as common as
in some countries. It truly is frightening the things
the American establishment will do and say to justify
its imperializing other cultures.



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