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Re: Ricardo Duchesne on Ellen Meiksins Wood
by Charles Jannuzi
25 September 2003 01:40 UTC
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Could Louis Proyect please post a summary of just what
his position is--and what it is a position on? He may
think I don't take him seriously, but I in fact tried
to visit his advertised urls and found they just
didn't cohere as a historical essay. Perhaps there is
just too much textual cross-reference here--this
author on that author on that author over there--for
me to understand it.

I might also suggest that if the format is a scholarly
essay, he stick with scholarly ways of showing quotes
and paraphrase of material given reference to. But if
he is going to do it internet discussion list style,
that he stick with discussion list ways of attributing
who said what to whom about a topic (while a clearer
identification of what the topic is would be

Charles Jannuzi


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