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JWSR v9n2 - Special Issue: Globalization and the Environment
by Journal of World-Systems Research
19 August 2003 19:28 UTC
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        Journal of World-Systems Research
         Free E-Journal * ISSN 1076-156X

                  NOW AVAILABLE
        Volume IX, Number 2, Summer 2003
Special Issue: Globalization and the Environment
                   Edited by:
       Edward L. Kick & Andrew K. Jorgenson

Andrew K. Jorgenson & Edward L. Kick
    Globalization and the Environment

Alf Hornborg
    Cornucopia or Zero-Sum Game? The Epistemology
    of Sustainability

Stephen G. Bunker
    Matter, Space, Energy, and Political Economy:
    The Amazon in the World-System

Peter Grimes & Jeffrey Kentor
    Exporting the Greenhouse: Foreign Capital
    Penetration and CO2 Emissions 19801996

J. Timmons Roberts, Peter E. Grimes
& Jodie L. Manale
    Social Roots of Global Environmental Change:
    A World-Systems Analysis of Carbon Dioxide

R. Scott Frey
    The Transfer of Core-Based Hazardous Production
    Processes to the Export Processing Zones of the
    Periphery: The Maquiladora Centers of
    Northern Mexico

Thomas J. Burns, Edward L. Kick, & Byron L. Davis
    Theorizing and Rethinking Linkages Between
    the Natural Environment and the Modern
    World-System: Deforestation in the Late
    20th Century

Andrew K. Jorgenson
    Lateral Pressure and Deforestation
    A Review Essay of Environmental Impacts of
    Globalization and Trade: A Systems Study
    by Corey L Lofdahl

Franz J. Broswimmer
    Ecocide: A Short History of Mass Extinction
    of Species
Reviewed by Florencio R. Riguera
Arthur Mol and Frederick Buttel (eds).
    The Environmental State Under Pressure
Reviewed by Bruce Podobnik

The Journal of World-Systems Research is an electronic
journal dedicated to scholarly research on the modern
world-system and earlier. It is intentionally
interdisciplinary in focus.

Volume IX, Number 2 of JWSR was published under the
sponsorship of the Institute for Research on World-Systems
at UC Riverside, the Center for Global, International,
and Regional Studies, and the Division of Social Sciences
at UC Santa Cruz.

Journal of World-Systems Research:

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