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Apartheid Wall-Warsaw Ghetto connection
by KenRichard2002
06 August 2003 02:09 UTC
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My own sense of The Wall is that it resembles a prison wall:  It is encompassing,  people venturing near it risk the danger of being shot to death as there are prescribed ways in and out of the encirclement,  there are coils or razor wire strewn about a no man's land close to the wall.  There are gun towers for guards to oversee the perimeter and to occasionally shoot to death individuals for no discernable reason but to strike general fear and unease in the Palestinian population (a la Shindler's List).

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FYI for future planning.  I've been researching the Ghettos and walls around them the Nazis created, and obviously the Warsaw Ghetto is the most famous because of the uprising (intifada) waged by hundreds of its imprisoned inhabitants.  Clearly there are parallels with Israel's building of the Hafrada Wall.  This November 15th marks the anniversary of the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw sealed off by a wall considered high in those times, but only half the height of Israel's wall around Palestinians.
It might be a good date for demonstrations, rallies, educational efforts, etc.
Thom Saffold
Ann Arbor, MI USA
Hurriyah Films, 734-975-2511
Videos on Israeli apartheid and divestment are available from Free Palestine Campaign:
"I really can't believe that something like this (Israel's brutal occupation of Palestine) can happen in the world without a bigger outcry about it." --Rachel Corrie, February 27, 2003, 17 days before she was killed by an Israeli military bulldozer driver, who has not been charged with her killing.
"The only way to abolish war  is to make peace heroic."  -- John Dewey, 1859-1952, US philosopher & educator
"To initiate a war of aggression, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.''  1946 Nuremberg Tribunal rejecting Germany's "necessity'' for pre-emptive attacks against its neighbors.

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