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Re: to the rescue of CSF, or particularly WSN
by Mark Douglas Whitaker
03 August 2003 01:41 UTC
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To Whom it May Concern,

I run several listserves already through the University of Wisconsin-Madison, some upwards of 200+ subscribers internationally already so I am familiar with the ins and outs of daily administration. I would be happy to sponsor WSN for this interim. I have been a subscriber for years.

Would the present list operator please contact me about it?

If desired, the original list operator can email me the original names and I can set it up in one day, then email the list the original welcome message with the different posting addresses.

Well? What are the plans for the list at this point?


Mark Whitaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison

At 11:12 AM 7/26/2003 +0200, you wrote:
Sorry to read that CSF will be closing down. It is a unique and wonderful
institution. The concept is fabulous. Politically, CSF provides an
alternative to mainstream discourse - enlightenment, even if cacophonic. I
am wondering whether there is a possibility of organizing a rescue of CSF.
Could one not form a consortium for continuing CSF? I understand that
financing is strictly private to date. Could one not find new donors in the
world of foundations? I have no idea what the operation costs. Let us say,
US dollars 100,000 per year? Various foundations might be able to in step
in, individually or jointly. The public service provided by CSF is not only
for American audiences and subscribers, but worldwide. There is nothing like
it in Europe. Foundations and individual donors in other countries should
also be called upon. Some subscribers of CSF could have good connections to
help with that rescue.


In response to:
csf also for post to psn et al
by Andre Gunder Frank  21 July 2003

Dear Don Roper

I am writing for two reasons.
One is to ask WHEN you really intend to close down csf.
I ask because I have seen 3 different times/dates.

Secondly but much more importantly, I hope that I speak for one and all in
saying that we are as sad, but also as understanding, of your closing down
csf, as we are very very grateful to you for the enormous service you and
your csf have been offering us over all these long years, surely at
considerable cost and sacrifice to yourself with nary a recompense, and
mostly probably not even acknowledgement or knowledge, from the wider
world to which and whom you have given so much.

au revoir
in another venue

Gunder Frank

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