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Re: Apartheid Wall
by Alan Spector
31 July 2003 04:29 UTC
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Speaking of "walls".....

During the infamous thirty year history of the Berlin Wall, how many people
were killed trying to cross from East to West?

less than 150. Although the Western media would have us believe that it was
one of the worst atrocities in world history. That is less than one third of
the number of people who died over a few days in 1995  because of a severe
heat wave in Chicago (mainly poor people who had no escape from the
heat).......and I'm not sure what the statistics are on executions in just
Texas over the past twenty or so years.......

One hundred fifty getting shot at the Berlin Wall is a lot of people. That
is still a lot of dead people. Please don't flame me or say that I am
justifying or making apologies for the Berlin Wall. One hundred fifty is a
lot of dead people........even over a thirty year period.

But I wonder how many Palestinian civilians have been killed..............

A wall (guarded by machine guns) by any other name is still a wall..........

Alan Spector


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Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 9:27 AM
Subject: Apartheid Wall

> US media adopting Israeli language by calling wall a
> 'fence'
> http://www.pmwatch.org/pmw/mediocrity/displayCall.asp?essayID=184
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> PMWATCH - July 29, 2003 -- The US media has become
> accustomed to using descriptions of "Separation Fence"
> or "Security Fence" to describe Israel's Wall of
> Separation.
> Consider this: even US President George Bush suggested
> the mommoth barrier was a "wall" and not a mere
> "fence", saying after last Friday's talks with
> Palestinian Premier Mahmoud Abbas that it was
> difficult to build confidence "with a wall snaking
> through the West Bank." (AP Quote)
> President Bush's pre-coaching straight talk (he is now
> using the word "fence") did not go unnoticed or sit
> well with official Israel.
> As reported by an AFP story: "The Israeli official
> took issue with Bush's use of the word 'wall' even
> though the barrier does take that form for part of its
> length. 'It is a shame that President Bush did not use
> the correct term security fence,' the official said.
> 'Israel is not contructing a wall -- it's the
> Palestinians who use that term in a bid to persuade
> the world it's some sort of Berlin Wall.'" (AFP July
> 26, 2003)
> http://asia.news.yahoo.com/030726/afp/030726082849top.html
> But here are the facts: Israel's Wall of Separation in
> most places is 25 feet high and is already 150 miles
> long, with the total length of the wall planned to be
> 550 miles.
> This is 2 times higher than the once infamous Berlin
> Wall and when completed will be almost SIX times as
> long as the Berlin Wall (the Berlin Wall was 96 miles
> long).
> For details on the Berlin Wall, see:
> http://www.dailysoft.com/berlinwall/history/index.htm
> Would the US media have dared to call the Berlin Wall
> "The Berlin fence", or used Soviet-sounding euphemisms
> such as "Security Fence"? Indeed, not even the East
> Germans or its Soviet allies dared call the wall a
> "fence"!
> So, is the US media once again going to take the safe
> and easy way out and just adopt the vocabulary
> proclaimed by the Israeli government? Is the US media
> again going to be afraid of being called anti-Semitic
> just because it dared call a wall by its name?
> You may send a letter directly from the PMWATCH site
> by going to:
> http://www.pmwatch.org/pmw/mediocrity/displayCall.asp?essayID=184
> For more on the Apartheir Wall, please see:
> http://www.pmwatch.org/pmw/mediocrity/displayCall.asp?essayID=164
> To make a phone call, please go to:
> http://www.pmwatch.org/pmw/contact/media.html
> Palestine Media Watch
> http://www.pmwatch.org/
> (610) 993 - 0608
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