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Re: Zionism, supremacist doctrines and PNAC
by Michael Pugliese
04 May 2003 18:30 UTC
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Re: Israel Shamir, specifically, he recently said on his website that the voice of a David Duke should be listened to. Need the URL I'll dig it up.
Nigel Parry of the Electronic Intifada has a large dossier on Shamir.
<URL: http://nigelparry.com/issues/shamir/ >

In late 2000/early 2001, in the period following the beginning of the second Palestinian Intifada, articles began appearing on the Internet by a previously unknown Israeli-Russian writer called "Israel Shamir". With a powerful command of the English language, compelling anecdotes, dramatic metaphors, and a spirited opposition to the Israel's military occupation, Shamir was rapidly and warmly accepted into the pro-Palestinian activist scene, and by Spring 2001 had embarked on a speaking tour of the United States, speaking at many public events alongside leading lights of the Palestinian scene.

As his articles kept coming, however, an increasing amount of the tone and content was observed by more than a few to fall into what could -- if this hadn't been an Israeli Jew writing it -- best be described as a classic anti-Semitic repertoire. Shamir's identity as a Jew initially enabled people to excuse this, until the whole mess began to unravel as more and more questions were asked. Eventually, these questions began to be answered, and the issue errupted into a controversy. This page is an archive for some of the material that circulated, and is offered to the Palestinian community in particular as a warning to check the backgrounds and content of the message of people who claim to speak on their behalf. However worthy the cause, the end does not justify the means.     Nigel Parry

About Shamir
Israel Shamir's bio from his website: http://shamir.mediamonitors.net
Archived here (from 21 April 2001)

Shamir bylines from articles, arranged in chronological order.

Shamir's writings
6 January 2001 - Acid Test Failed (MMN) 19 January 2001 - Future is Now (MMN) 23 January 2001 - The Handwriting on the Wall (archived here) 28 January 2001 - Rape of Dulcinea (MMN) 5 February 2001 - Summer Fool, Winter Fool (MMN) 13 February 2001 - Green Lizard (MMN) 15 February 2001 - The Jews of Russia and Palestine: A Comparison (MMN) 17 February 2001 - Kid Sister (MMN) 25 February 2001 - Galilee Flowers (MMN) 4 March 2001 - Joseph Revisited (MMN) 14 March 2001 - Vampire Killers (MMN) 19 March 2001 - The New Complaint of Portnoy (MMN) 30 March 2001 - April is the Cruelest Month (MMN) 9 April 2001 - The Third Dove (MMN) 15 April 2001 - Take Two: Easter Greetings to you from Israel Shamir (MMN)

The writings up to the 15 April 2001 Easter message formed the basis for the initial concerns expressed. More of Shamir's writings, for those interested, can be found in Israel Shamir's archive at MediaMonitors.net. See also Harry Clark's Israel Shamir and Critics archive, the URL for which Shamir circulated in a 5 May 2001 article.
The controversy breaks
16 April 2001 - SERIOUS CONCERNS ABOUT ISRAEL SHAMIR from Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish

17 April 2001 - Israel Shamir responds to Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish from Israel Shamir [by way of Hanna Kawas] | Response on Shamir's site

18 April 2001 - Response of Ibish/Abunimah from Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish

20 April 2001 - The enemy of our enemy is not our friend from Nigel Parry

21 April 2001 - Israel Shamir and the Russian connection from Meredith Tax

23 April 2001 - Account of the Wednesday 4 April 2001 meeting with Israel Shamir from Hussein Ibish.

7 May 2001 - A final note on free speech

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