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Re: Publication? (Follow Up)
by Seyed Javad
10 April 2003 21:01 UTC
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I have been in contact with some publishing companies and have found out that there are possibilities to pblish the work with Xlibris. If any of you are interested in writing on the problem of 'Imperialism' from any ideological position the contributions are all welcome and looking forward to hear from you.



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Dear Colleagues and Students of Social Theory,
Due to the emergence of neo-colonial forces at the international stage and world politics we here in Bristol have come to realize that there might be a reason to re-assess the theoretical and political significance of the concept of 'Imperialism' as depicted by Nikolay Bukharin and many others who within modern context in one way or other contributed  to its clarification and application on socio-political phenomena. We wish to write an editorial book on this subject and were thinking if there any of you who can assist us in composing such a work and kindly ask the dignitaries of Social Theory to write an 'Introduction', 'Preface' and help us to publish this work. Is there anybody who thinks this work is worth undertaking?
Kind Regards
Kafkazli Seyed Javad
University of Bristol
Faculty of Social Science and Philosophy
Department of Sociology
12 Woodland Road
Tel: 44-117-9287789
Fax: 44-117-9546609 

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