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The version of reality FOX NEWS will never see
by Saima Alvi
08 April 2003 18:45 UTC
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A friend of mine sent me this poem that she had received from her friend.I thought its worth sharing with you guys.
Throw off your veil and hitch up your skirt, knock back rum and tear off
a shirt. 
For surely then all ills off the world will be cured along with your
Liberate with bombs, re-write religions to fit your needs, erect and
dismantle regimes and sow the seeds.
Suppress rights at home and uphold them abroad, at signs of your
weakness be sure to cry fraud.
Strike fear in the fearless, then kill the meek, surround them like vultures
then whet your beak.
The new world chaos born from order, a country of consumers with an
ever-extending border.
Welcome home, we missed you like mad; now join the ranks for our trip to
There will come a day when the machine will rust, and truly all men will
be equal when turned to dust

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