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Why doesn't the world act against the US?
by Maximilian C. Forte
27 March 2003 17:38 UTC
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It may be more personal rage than rationality, but I am at a loss at how
once the war began, states opposed to the US action seem to have done very
little, while protesters seem resigned to simply protest some more (as vital
as that is, I certainly don't want to diminish the global protests by any
means). I totally agree with virtually everything Iraq's ambassador to the
UN said yesterday at the Security Council, and the UN which itself was a
party to genocide in Iraq, has a great deal to answer for.

As far as I can see, Iraq today is in the role of Kuwait in 1990 (a victim
of aggression and invasion), while the US today is playing the role of Iraq
in 1990. So who is going to even try to put a stop to this? No calls for
trade sanctions against the US? No embargo? No troops sent to intervene and
try and put up a wall against further US incursion? Are protesters not
calling for worldwide boycotts of American products, or are all such actions
still highly localized?

I am currently in Trinidad and Tobago where, though most seem disgusted with
US bullying, and already began to lose confidence in their Mecca (New York
City) when they saw the towers of the master nation collapsing, there have
been no protests and certainly no calls for any action. In the meantime, US
citizens can enter without any passport, while Trinidadians still line up tp
pay $600 TT for visas when most of them are turned down. Therefore, please
forgive me if I seem exasperated with what, at my end, seems like feckless
actions or inaction.

If "terrorism" increases, I don't see that it will simply be a result of US
actions. I think it will also have to do with frustration many will feel
over the inability of anyone to do anything to oppose the US. Why all of the
fighting has to fall on Iraqi soldiers alone is beyond me. I would love to
hear of any movements, anywhere, that at least are engaged in trying to
foster a worldwide boycott of American goods and services.

Best wishes,


Dr. Maximilian C. Forte
KACIKE: The Journal of Caribbean Amerindian History and Anthropology

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